“Outsourcing BPO Services to India is one of the popular business practices in today's competitive environment. The Edge: iSource is a US Company with its own Indian Subsidary“.

When you consider the advantages of outsourcing, you'll realize there's a lot to gain by using it as an intrinsic part of your business strategy.

Medical Billing Services

iSource is a US based Indian BPO Company offering world-class outsourcing services at an affordable rate.

With India becoming one of the favored destinations for Foreign companies looking to cut down their burgeoning costs on work force and services, are looking to India having efficient work force who are fluent in English and technological sounder. India's heavy talent attracts global companies because of the IT infrastructure and talent that the country possesses.

The Indian BPO is also attractive because the cost for hiring Indian work force is cheaper and at the same time availability of abundant human resource. These factors combine to make India a powerful BPO Destination.

iSource offers wide off shoring services ranging from Medical, Business, Legal and Media Transcription. We also offer high technology service for engineering design and embedded software designing. Our E-Publishing and Data Processing service gives you a wide choice of service for you to choose. All these services are very affordable and suit our clients’ requirement and budget.

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